The Popup Chinese University Program:

Our University program costs 149.99 USD per month of study, and includes premium access to Popup Chinese for the duration of your course. Students are welcome to rearrange classes to fit their schedule and are free to cancel anytime. The program includes:

  • 60 minutes private tutoring each week
  • taught via Skype/telephone from Beijing

Our University Program is comparable in cost to a traditional group class, but far superior for a number of reasons. First because you get far more opportunities to practice your spoken mandarin, along with one-on-one feedback. And unlike a group class which forces you to study from a single textbook at the pace of the slowest students, our teachers will work with you to create a customized course you can study both online and offline. You will learn mandarin at an accellerated pace: the only limitation is the amount of time you have to put into learning Chinese.

There are other benefits as well. Working one-on-one with our Chinese teachers eliminates the inconvenience of going to class. Spend this time listening to our podcasts or doing your (optional) assigned homework. You can schedule classes around your existing committments, and if you need to change times that is possible too, just handle the rescheduling with your dedicated teacher.

Other programs offering this type of one-on-one support routinely cost over $200 per month, and usually hit lower price points only if you commit to several months of study. This is an exploitative strategy designed to lock you into classes with underpaid teachers. In contrast, our teachers earn the bulk of your payment each month. We focus on supporting you and them by providing a range of flexible and interesting study materials and a comprehensive platform that just makes learning Chinese easier.

With that said, because our University Program is an intensive one-on-one study course, it's important there is a good fit between you and your teacher: if you don't get along and enjoy your lessons you won't learn as quickly as you can. This is why we're pleased to offer a free trial lesson. This gives us a chance to evaluate your level of Chinese, and gives you a chance to try out the program. And if you aren't happy with your teacher or there are other problems, this gives us a chance to address any problems and fix them before you are changed anything.

Because we prefer to work with experienced teachers our ability to serve classes at specific times depends on teacher availability and we can only scale up classes at a limited speed. Once you're a student we will guarantee continuity of classes with your teacher, but teachers are assigned to students on a first-come-first-serve basis. So don't wait to arrange your free trial if scheduling flexibility is important to you. Just write Echo at Let her know your location/timezone and when you'd like to have your class. She'll schedule your free trial and get back to you to confirm times.