You think you have a love-hate relationship with China? Ever since 1997 we've been privvy to nothing but complaints over the water cooler about those guys. And then they complain back at us. No wonder 2012 was such a rough year in the annals of Hong Kong - China relations.

That said, we're progressive people and are sick of the constant moaning. Which is why for this advanced Cantonese podcast, we found a couple of Hong Kong locals and locked them together with some mainland Chinese citizens in our recording studio until they could either amicably settle their differences, or sort out the winner Thunderdome style. Three days later, we humbly submit this podcast to the Nobel prize committee, which we encourage to send the cash prize pronto.
 said on
February 28, 2013
Good lesson, but I wish there were more words included in the vocabulary list since there's no full transcript.
 said on
March 9, 2013
Thanks orgulous. We'll produce more advanced shows with more substantial vocab lists. In the meantime, our next lesson is out this week, although it is at the elementary level.
 said on
April 26, 2013
Thanks! It had been a while since the previous lesson so I was very excited to see this one.