Fearful of being forced into marriage against your will? Concerned your prospective husband may be murderous scum and your family putting political allegiances above your health and longevity? Our advanced Cantonese lesson today is a listening test offering practical advice to the modern woman. If you've already been learning Cantonese for a while listen in and see how much you understand.

Note: our Cantonese lesson for today is an advanced listening test. This means we have a relatively lengthy dialogue followed by a short quiz that tests your comprehension. Try listening to our dialogue once and then taking the test. And if you don't quite understand what you've heard? Look for the answers using our annotated online transcript with its word-by-word mouseover popups.
 said on
April 16, 2011
哈哈哈,"開玩笑" in Mandarin seems to be used a lot for Cantonese speakers! Even I use that phrase a lot.

Enjoyed the lesson! Very funny indeed!
 said on
April 18, 2011

The dialogue was inspired by Steven Chow's 唐伯虎點秋香. We love that movie. 唔係開玩笑!
 said on
July 16, 2022