While the words we focus on today may not be Shakespeare, it's hard to write anything without using one of good, bad, easy or difficult. Everyone starts somewhere. So if you're just starting to learn Cantonese join us for this Cantonese podcast and in just a few minutes you'll be ready to praise (or denounce) random things or people in Cantonese, not to mention telling random strangers in Hong Kong how easy or difficult you find their language.

In this series of Cantonese lessons for absolute beginners to the language, we focus on the most high-frequency adjectives in the language. If you're just getting started learning Cantonese, pick up from our first lesson in this series. Every subsequent lesson is designed to review the key words and phrases to reinforce what you've learned. And if you have any questions or tech problems, let us know anytime by leaving a comment in the discussion section below, or writing us at service@popupcantonese.com.
 said on
January 11, 2011
Great lesson, not too much that cant be handled.

I dont get the quiz though ;)
 said on
January 11, 2011

Hi Benrose, glad you like it. I do, too. 我鍾意(ngo5 zung1 ji3, I like it)。

We're having some technical problems with the quiz page. Fixing it now!

 said on
January 12, 2011
It's funny in Cantonese that we use 好 for "very" and "good".

 said on
January 12, 2011

係啊,呢個廣東話podcast好易! :)
 said on
April 21, 2012
Is the N/L pronunciation for certain words the same for "difficult" (naan4)?
 said on
April 25, 2012

Yes. For instance, "男man" (naam4) is often pronounced as "laam4", and "女woman" (neoi5) as "leoi5".
 said on
August 5, 2012
今日天氣好差 gam1 jat6 tin1 hei3 hou2 caa1 is this right?
 said on
August 8, 2012

Hi, darkstar, thank you for asking what you doubt, You're right!!


"gam1 jat6 tin1 hei3 hou2 caa1"

Just ask if you don't understand.

We will help you to figure it out!

 said on
January 18, 2017

Thanks for creating these wonderful lessons. They're really helping me get a good foundation in Cantonese.

I believe the second quiz question has an error. It's saying the answer is 難, when I think it's 易.

Thanks for all your help,