If you know anyone who's been in Hong Kong for any length of time and hasn't listened to Popup Cantonese yet, chances are they're severely dehydrated and nearing death. So do them a favor and let them know help is on its way. In this lesson we learn how to say "this one" and "that one" in Cantonese, and also how to ask others to give you things like water, money and other life-saving essentials.

Attention newcomers: if you're new to Cantonese and are starting from scratch, we recommend starting with our first Cantonese lesson in this series. This Critical Phrases series is a progressive course designed to introduce the tones in Cantonese, and bring you up to the point you'll be able to understand our more advanced dialogue-based lessons. Materials covered in early lessons are reviewed and reinforced.
 said on
December 31, 2010
Hahah, "俾 comments"!... Funny podcast!

Instead of using 個 you can also add 隻 jek or another measure word (depending on what you want) after 呢 or 嗰: 我要呢隻唔該。 我要嗰隻唔該。

Being a BBC I also used to say "li" instead of ni 呢 too!! Didn't know it was a common thing for Hong Kongers...
 said on
December 31, 2010
Hi woaibento,

You're so helpful. Yeah there are tons of measure words in Cantonese for various nouns,just like in Mandarin, of which 個 is the most common. We'll cover more in future lessons.

I guess the "li"(呢) "lei"(你)instead of "ni""nei", or "au" (牛) "o"(我) instead of "ngau" "ngo", is common among the young in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the so-called 懶音(lazy accent).

 said on
January 1, 2011
@ Nicole,

Hahahah, I should really be on the Mandarin site, but I like to come here to improve my Cantonese (mostly with reading). My accent is definitely the 懶 version.
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January 5, 2011

 said on
June 24, 2016
I looked at Mandaran but, as a hobby linguist I find cantanese more of a challenge and I want to be challenge so, Cantonese is the only form I really care for
 said on
March 1, 2018
ngo5-dei6 jiu3 be1 zau2 = We want beer? :-)