Now that you've lived in Hong Kong for a day or two, you might feel the need to venture out to buy some essentials like food, clothing and water. In other countries this would be a pretty routine affair. Go down to the corner store, flash that winning smile and walk out with your arms full of free goods. Sadly, in Hong Kong's relentlessly capitalist society, people expect you to pay.

And that's where this lesson comes in. Regardless of whether you're haggling ten bucks off the price of that Dongguan shirt or trying to save twenty cents on your next purchase of life-giving mango juice, you'll need to know how to talk about money in Cantonese. Which is why we spend our lesson today covering the money, learning how to talk about prices, and then demanding lower prices repeatedly and insistently, although we leave the yelling and screaming up to you.
 said on
April 20, 2011
Since I am a 鬼佬, all the prices in HK markets start twice as high for me, so I have to throw out a little 平啲、唔該 or threaten to leave just to get the price down to local levels :-)

My 表姐 (a HK local) always asks me to wait outside before going into a shop or market to buy something, as my white guy face jacks up the price for them too (呃鬼佬) :-P

My wife is the master bargainer though. On a recent trip to Georgetown, Malaysia she was bargaining even for 25 cents ringit (that's like 5 cents Euro!)
 said on
April 21, 2011

Lol. Just when I thought those days (呃鬼佬) were gone.

All women in my family bargain. It's a reflex :D We ask the price, and no matter what they say, we throw out 平啲啦 or 平啲得唔得啊, and spend like ten minutes just to bring it down from 十蚊 to 九蚊.
 said on
April 24, 2011
You should try going to 女人街!Ridiculously overpriced products. But I still like going there because of all the tourist stuff they have there.

深水埗 market is cheaper!

I have a friend who is addicted to Taobao! :)
 said on
April 25, 2011

I'll have to admit I'm a huge Taobao fan myself. 冇野系淘寶買唔到嘅!:) There's nothing you can't get on Taobao.
 said on
May 8, 2012
I'm so thankful to God that I'm not a 鬼佬.
 said on
July 22, 2012
Brandon, Leave the Cantonese to Nicole. OK?