It's hard to pull off being passive aggressive in a Cantonese. It isn't just that you need to keep your words in the right order, master those tones, and avoid flubbing the grammar, but you also have to perfect a certain je ne said quoi, a sort of supercilious attitude that never lets the other person be sure if you're really playing with them. Want to learn the ropes? Then consider yourself lucky then that we have plenty of passive aggressive voice actors. And you have us.
 said on
February 28, 2012
Is the above supposed to be "je ne sais quoi"?

Lots of 咩's in this dialogue! :)
 said on
March 1, 2012

無錯,真係有好多咩,just like a sheep :me1 me1 me1
 said on
December 10, 2012
Very useful introduction of the gerund in this lesson.