We'll admit that male grooming patterns in Hong Kong continue to mystify us even after several years of exposure. But while we aren't this mean in real life, it's inevitable that sometimes you might want to be, because it doesn't take a lot of getting quoted the foreign prices before you'll want to toss out a bit of fluent Cantonese to drag the prices down. And that's exactly where this Cantonese lesson comes into play....

Starting to learn Cantonese? This lesson is intended for students with a bit of background in the Cantonese language, so if you're an absolute beginner this one is going to be too difficult for you. Instead, navigate to our first Critical Phrases lesson in our series of Basic Cantonese lessons. You'll be back up here in no time ready to tackle our more difficult material.
 said on
July 13, 2011
Not all HK fashion is that bad - in the city area... I've noticed if you dress badly you are looked down upon, even though they say HK people don't mind what you wear! 我唔相信!
 said on
January 26, 2012
Hi, my girlfriend tells that the "mea" should go at the end of the two words, not the middle? Any opinion?