Admittedly, this lesson doesn't have much to do with life in Hong Kong, if only because none of us can remember the last time we've actually driven on the island. In our car that is, because while we definitely enjoy shuffling around in a cab every now and then, if said cab happened to break down there is absolutely zero chance we would get out and help the driver push given the near 100 percent humidity.
 said on
August 9, 2013
I can't seem to play this through my iPhone or iPad! It plays using my desktop computer only! Do I need to subscribe in order to listen using a mobile device?
 said on
February 23, 2014
I fixed the above problem.

I would love more Cantonese lessons.
 said on
August 30, 2014
Can you perhaps make the transcripts and vocab available for the beginner lessons, so we can look at them and then make a decision about upgrading to premium? As it is I only have a voice recording to go by.
 said on
October 3, 2014
good lesson, easy to understand and follow. thank you.
 said on
October 22, 2021
How do you write "to succeed"? Is it εΎ— dak1?