One of the best things about living in Hong Kong is the amazing culinary diversity in the city, and particularly the whole range of Asian cuisines. If you're planning on taking full advantage of life in the culinary metropolis that is Hong Kong, you'll need to know the Cantonese to talk about tastes and flavors. Which is where this podcast comes in, eager to cover all the bases from sweet to sour.

Learning Cantonese? This Cantonese lesson is intended for beginners to the language. If you are totally new to Cantonese, we recommend starting with our Basic Cantonese series, which introduces the absolute basics of the language in a progressive format that repeats and reinforces the simplest and most useful vocabulary in the language. Once you've passed through those lessons, you'll be ready for shows at - this - our Beginner level, which keeps the emphasis on basic sentence structures and high-frequency vocabulary while showcasing short, manageable dialogues in colloquial Cantonese.
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August 28, 2016
Thank you sososo much for these lessons!!:-)