Normally, Allan spent thirty minutes on the treadmill and then another half hour lifting weights, or at least hovering in the vicinity of the weight-lifting equipment soaking in the general vibes of the health equipment. As he woke up this morning with a slight headache from last night's business dinner, he wondered if perhaps it would be better to drop the cardio completely today and focus one hundred percent on the weightlifting?

Learning Cantonese? Even if you're as generally slothful as we are when it comes to exercise, we think you'll still be able to get quite a bit out of this Cantonese lesson for absolute beginners. In this show we focus on language you can use at the gym, or anywhere you want to talk about taking turns. So whether you're pushing your body to the limits at the health club or just buying drinks for some friends at the bar, join us for a show you can put to use right away.
 said on
February 22, 2012
When someone cuts in line, I think you said, "dou1 o6 laa3" (都?啦). What's the second word? And are the other two words correct? Thanks.
 said on
February 28, 2012
Hi mike.m.lin, the correct words are 到我啦 dou3 ngo5 la3 - it's my turn. I think some people use 喇 la1 at the end.

Hope that helps!
 said on
March 1, 2012
@mike.m.lin & woaibento ,

What woaibento said is correct!