Less than an hour after the salesperson had begun demonstrating the device, Sarah lugged her new lie detector onto the kitchen table with a sense of satisfaction. For the last few weeks she had become increasingly distraught over Philip's evasive answers at the dinner table. When pressed over the boy's time in school, or even asked simple questions about his English studies, her son would grow evasive and withdrawn. It was about time that changed....

Want to learn Cantonese? At Popup Cantonese we have a huge archive of fun and free Cantonese podcasts and other lesson materials. This lesson is designed for elementary students who already know a bit of the language and are comfortable hearing relatively easy Cantonese spoken at a native pace. So if you already know the basics, listen in and let us know what you think. And if you don't, why not start with our lesson series for absolute beginners to the language?

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