What was it about the New York professional set when it came to punctuality and romance? This was Susan's third date in mid-town Manhattan and the third time she'd been kept waiting over half an hour. In most situations you try to be a little flexible, sure, but thirty minutes? On a first date? It was as if this section of the city existed in a private bubble where the normal rules of social courtesy simply didn't apply. She glared at her watch and resolved to wait another five minutes, no more....
 said on
June 2, 2012
Very fast could not understand properly
 said on
June 15, 2012

We try to highlight actual native speech at the intermediate level. If you're having trouble following along, you can find line-by-line recordings of the dialogues on the transcript pages of all lessons. They are spoken in a bit slower and more emotionally neutral tone, so might be easier to follow if you're just starting out.

 said on
July 10, 2012
A very good lesson, hope to see more intermediate lessons soon.

By the way, don't listen to "sasdsad" :D I believe it's a right thing to have actual native speech in the dialogue and not some unrealistic slow-motion dialogues.

These dialogs are already too perfect (comparing to real life street Cantonese), so you don't want to give up on speed and other reality aspects.
 said on
December 30, 2013
Excellent - look forward to more intermediate lessons too. Also agree - stick to 'actual native speech'!
 said on
December 31, 2014
awesome! more please!